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Our lawn care technicians use the safest methods to protect your property, family, pets and the environment.   The result is a healthy, beautiful lawn, which resists harmful diseases and insects. We provide up to four fertilizer treatments throughout the growing season to compliment the mulching of clippings. Each of these is custom blended to the season as well as your property, and provides all the necessary nutrients needed to maintain a vigorous turf.


We also have ecological treatments devoted to weed control. Application of natural products such as corn gluten, acts a natural pre-emergent herbicide proven to control dandelion and crabgrass. We use a Horticultural Acetic Acid as an alternative herbicide, and heat to clear hardscapes. But of course, there is still the old fashioned hand weeding method too!

The Country Gardener will perform a soil test to determine the pH of your soil. The soil tests will determine whether or not you need lime, what type of lime to apply, and how much lime to apply. Limestone helps your lawn maintain a healthy pH by making your soil less acidic, and inhibits mosses in shady areas. We take a complete turn-key maintenance approach to our services. Proper property maintenance is much more than cutting the lawn once a week. Nothing escapes the critical eye of our Head Gardener.

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