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We take a complete turn-key maintenance approach to our services. Proper property maintenance is much more than cutting the lawn once a week. Nothing escapes the critical eye of our Head Gardener.


At the start of each Spring The Country Gardener will carry out a full inspection of the entire property, and provide you with a written assessment of any damage, as well as any items that should be addressed in the coming season. We will then start to prepare your property for the each of the coming seasons with the following services, and repeat them as necessary to keep your property at its finest throughout the year:

  • Remove and store all Winter coverings, snow markers etc.

  • Clean gutters

  • Wash down building exteriors and windows

  • Wash all patios and decks

  • Pressure clean garage, driveway and walkways

  • Set up and take down of exterior furniture, statuary and canopies

  • Winterizing

  • Install festive lights

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